Dialogue Viols – Violas da Gamba Duo 

Peter Wendland & Jacqui Robertson-Wade

Dialogue Viols was formed to bring the beautiful yet rarely performed music of the French Baroque for two violas da gamba to audiences. This includes the rich source of music for the smallest members of the viola da gamba family, the six pardessus de viole and five string quinton, as well as the seven string bass viola da gamba, also known as bass viol.

If it wasn’t for lockdown, Peter Wendland and Jacqui Robertson-Wade, who are established performers and teachers, may not have started playing viols together! However, musicians everywhere learnt how to use technology to enable them to continue working and playing music together.  Peter and Jacqui were living in different countries when they started to play viols online and were able to explore new repertoire and develop specialist concert programmes. They share a love of French Baroque music and enjoy playing different sizes of viol.  Now that lockdown is over, they rehearse in person as well as online.  


Future projects: They are happy to announce First Hand Records will be distributing their Premier recording of a recently discovered manuscript containing six sonatas by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier for two pardessus de viole.  Peter and Jacqui are still fundraising for their recording, scheduled 11-13 September 2023, so please get in touch with us if you are able to help. A huge thank you to Angel Early Music for their contribution with the recording costs.


We’ve now got a short video clip of our recent recording on our crowd funder campaign. Such beautiful music by Boismortier, intelligently composed for the smallest member of the viol family, the pardessus de viole.
We have until the 25th September to be able to receive your donations. Please support our project, if you can by clicking here.
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London International Festival of Early Music

Saturday 11th November

2.30pm – 3pm



Other Programmes

Touch the heart; Music to charm the senses from the violas da gamba duo, Dialogue

Passion and Power: French music from a time of charm and poise played on different sized viols.



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